Thursday, August 12, 2010

street scene- egyptian and aztec prints. oh, and a little fashion insight- free of charge.

Without a doubt, I am a fashion enthusiast. I always look forward to viewing the “it” designer of the moment’s creative and innovative silhouettes, fabrics, and ideologies. I crave visual merchandising news and being wowed by pioneering display strategies. I get a secret high from knowing the future fashion trends two years before the common ‘fashionista’ does. Despite the world of fashion information I have at my fingertips- collections, trends, news, graphics.. I still get most passionate and overly excited about street fashion. Street fashion is real. Street fashion is now. Street fashion starts trends just as much as it supports them.

Fashion starts at many locations and there are several theories as to how fashion arises. The trickle-down theory suggests fashion trends begin when designers create garments and individuals follow suit. (In fact, the trickle-down fashion approach was how people dressed until Marie Antoinette stuck a feather in her coif and courtiers followed the trend.) The trickle-up theory of fashion suggests fashion starts on the streets, with the individual consumer, develops and popularizes from there, and fashion designers eventually catch on. This, my friends, is the most fascinating and powerful type of fashion trend there is- the trend that we create. The trend that is not dictated to us from those designers in power. It is the unity and innovation of people on the streets that popularizes fashion looks. This is my favorite aspect of the fashion industry.

Here are some street fashion looks from the Siren Music Festival in New York. Egyptian and Aztec prints were prevalent at this year’s fest and were worn all all-over graphic patterns or mixed and matched with similar type patterns.

photo credit: wgsn

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  1. Yumm, I Love These Prints.