Wednesday, June 30, 2010

tom ford fall/winter 2010 eyewear advertisements.

Tom Ford is known for his brazen and often sexual advertisements. Surprising, his latest accessories advertisement campaign takes an edgier twist with the use of black ravens juxtaposed with luxurious garments and eyewear. I am in love with the last picture. Thoughts?

key trend: demi veil. a/w 2010/11.

The demi-veil can be tricky to pull off. So, when is it appropriate? For this autumn/winter season, I suggest adding this piece to elegant dresses for Christmas and New Years parties for a new twist on an old look.

Left: Zac Posen        Right: Loewe
Left: Diane von Furstenberg        Right: Herm├Ęs
Left: Anna Sui        Right: Caroline Charles
photos courtesy of wgsn

don't be stupid.

A few months ago I blogged about Diesel’s new “Be Stupid” campaign and highlight some of the advertisements to be featured in magazines and on billboards. (See the original post here.) Apparently some authorities don’t want individuals to “Be Stupid” and yesterday the UK Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) banned the advertisements from being posted. According to WGSN, the ASA “deemed the ads offensive and one in particular liable to encourage antisocial behaviour, noting the billboards are likely to be seen by children”.

As of yesterday the ASA had received 33 complaints about the advertisements seen on billboards and thereafter ruled the advertisements could be shown in magazines and not billboards. Billboards, the ASA stated, show to an untargeted medium of individuals, including children, in which the advertisements were not appropriate for.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

a/w 2011/12. shoes. key shapes.

photos courtesy of wgsn

: snakebite.

I’ll admit, a few years ago I was obsessed with and living vicariously through late night hipsters drinking and dancing the night away at the hottest it locations in the hottest it cities. While I take a gander at the site every now and then, I became grossly annoyed with the photo sessions. As the website gained popularity, it gained a notoriety with overtly sexual and attention starved hipster girls. It became the norm for the last twenty frames of any photo shoot to show the viewer girls undressing in bathrooms, bedrooms, clubs, whatever. Since, I’ve moved on to cobrasnake, my newest favorite site to creep on those party pics. Good old fashioned fun. Here are some images:

Monday, June 28, 2010

japan, you've done it again.

Every country in the world has fashion sub-groups, diversifying their selves from the norm through creative and identifiable dress. In America we have preps, jocks, punks, goths, hipsters, and more. In London they have true punks, dandies, and the fashionably elite. But leave it to Japan to create the most outlandish, and quite frankly, most disturbing fashion sub-group I have ever seen: Ganguros. Literally translated “black face”, according to, Ganguro style of dress is characterized by “bleached hair, a [severely] deep tan, both black and white eyeliners, false eyelashes, platform shoes (usually sandals or boots), and brightly colored outfits. Also typical of the "Ganguro Gal" look are cell phones covered with purikura stickers, tie-dyed sarongs, mini-skirts, hibiscus flower hairpins, and lots of bracelets, rings and necklaces”. There are even how-to guides to achieve the look and a Facebook group dedicated to its style.

While some believe the trend derived from Fruit dress, others claim it is American-inspired, stemming from fascination with icons Janet Jackson and Naomi Campbell. Either way, the Ganguro trend is growing fast in Japan. This is the look:

Sunday, June 27, 2010

summer trend: retro surf

The 'retro surf' look has been popping up in LA and London this summer. Inspired by beach life, this twist on the classic surf vibe includes layering of fabrics, cotton prints, and and easy life.

yes, i'm about to get sick.

Months ago when rumors were floating around that Madonna was going to do a line for Macy’s and potentially name the line “Material Girl”, I told my friends if this really happened, I was going to throw up. Well, it happened, so I guess I’m off to the bathroom. The junior’s collection will launch exclusively on Macy’s website August 3, 2010 and cost consumers $12 - $40 per piece. And what does Madge know about designing a junior’s collection? Well, apparently not much, as it is reported her daughter, Lourdes, is the creative designer behind all the looks. Here are three sketches for Fall 2010.

photos courtesy of wgsn

Sunday, June 20, 2010

artistic or just plain freaky?

Italian born Valerj Pobega’s Spring/Summer 2010 collection debuted at LA Fashion Week. The designer who uses her love for art to create her pieces, showcased a black and white collection with dominatrix-like hairpieces representing a horse bridal. I always praise fashion creativity, but I find it difficult to even look at this collection. Here are the looks from Valerj Probega.

photos from designer website.