Thursday, February 4, 2010

spotted on the runway: dead animals. lots and lots of dead animals.

The London College of Fashion recently showcased nineteen fashion graduates' collections at the highly anticipated and packed event, held at the Victoria & Albert Museum. The theme of the night was gaudy glamour, outfits dripping sequins and makeup packed on heavy. However, one designer caught the crowd's eye (and gasps) more than her fellow students. Merve Tuna craftfully designed and integrated animal pelts (yes, the WHOLE pelt) into her collections. Her taxidermy stuffed creatures consisted of badgers, foxes, racoons, and birds and was recieved by mixed crowd reactions.

Although I am a proponent of anti-fur fashion, I cannot help but relish in the irony of her collection and the "fuck you" attitude it conveys.  

photos courtesy of wgsn


  1. That collection is simply beyond words! Although it does make me a bit uncomfortable looking at all of that fur going on, I will say that those pieces are really something.
    Sort of reminds me of "The Recycled Dead". Primarily, they are a company that uses taxidermy animals in their jewelry. Interesting concept...
    Oh, and thank you for your blog comment! You seem to have an excellent blog so far! I will be following...

  2. I find it hard not to both love and hate this collection.

    The Recycled Dead is an interesting concept.. maybe I should take a gander..

    Thanks for the comments!