Monday, May 17, 2010

i saw isaac.

On April 20th, I had the honor of attending the Isaac Mizrahi fashion show at the Schermerhorn Symphony Center located in downtown Nashville, Tennessee. The show featured country music artists Little Big Town and benefited the Nashville Symphony’s educational and community outreach programs. The show also featured famed designer Isaac Mizrahi himself, who exclaimed several times into the microphone, “To all the ladies that wear my clothes- I love you!”.

Tickets were $250 and included hors d'oeuvres, the fashion show, and a swank dinner. I attended, sans the $250. I hooked my students up working backstage at the show (dressing models, organizing clothes, etc.), so the Marketing Manager invited me to attend. My job does have its perks. Every year the Nashville Symphony Center features a collection from a respectable and recognized designer; last year it was Monique Luhillier. And yes, my students got to work backstage at that show, too. I spoil them.

The stage was beautiful and the show worthy of fashion week. The Fall/Winter 2010 collection included a bright color pallet of oranges, pinks, and copper. Furs, feathers, and sequins filled the bright, white runway, contrasting beautifully.

Below are some shots from the event.

photos of isaac and models by Nashville Lifestyles. other photos by Amber C.

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